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Portugal With A Smile! Enjoy our culture and tradition!!


  • Tasting Traditional Pastry

We propose you an initiation trip in the Portuguese conventual pastry, cooked in the convents and composed essentially with a big amount of sugar and egg yolk. Its origin would date back from the 15th century, at that time people used mainly honey to sugar dishes, but with the discovery of the Madeira Island, where the sugar cane is cultivated, sugar was gradually introduced in habits. The conventual pastry list is long and we can find one of all Portuguese regions: barrigas-de-freira (whose translation would be nun’s stomach), ovos moles, toucinho do céu, trouxas de ovos

  • Wines and Gourmet

Are you ready to discover what Portugal has best to taste? We propose you a gastronomic itinerary walking by the roads of “vinho verde” wine, Douro or Alentejo wine, cheeses  and other Portuguese dishes. This trip will allow you to feel the most authentic things that these regions have to offer, visiting local producers and workers, and you will be surprised by the quality and variety of these products in Portugal. Taste an Azeitão cheese, with an excellent wine: it is, with no doubt, an experience you won’t forget.

  • On the Cork Route

The cork route is born from a traditional product, that reveals his way from the bark of the cork oak to the wine bottled, passing by new products. You will discover some of the history and tradition of this product, visiting several spaces as fields and factories, having always a common feature, the cork.

  • Parks and Gardens in Portugal

For nature lovers, a visit to different gardens in Portugal will surely be a spring of inspiration, as there is a big variety, from historical ones to the most modern. You will walk green fields and traditional ambiences to discover scattered treasures from north to south.

  • Equus Caballus

Portugal is a country with horse riding tradition; here you have a tour that will open the doors of this world to you. Since always, horse has been important in Lusitanian society, thanks to its great resistance and endurance, it was used in rural works and as a transport system, it was also object of envy and robbery, symbol of glory and nobility, hero of battles and the protagonist of legends and fables. It also called painters attention: they are represented ridded by their owner; in Terreiro do Paço, D. José is riding an impressive Lusitanian thoroughbred. In Portugal, there are three national races that are preserved.

  • Historical Villages

The historical villages of Portugal offer the possibility of a different tourism, inviting you to enjoy the natural landscapes and the peaceful environment of rural world. Situated in the centre region of Portugal, those singular villages surrounded by idyllic landscapes preserve a traditional past that its inhabitants, culture, habits and customs live daily. Gathering gastronomic discovery, regional art craft, and people’s authenticity, visit the towers of the medieval castles, and walk by the granite and schist streets that tell to curious people stories of conquers and ancient traditions.

  • Azulejos from Portugal

The Azulejo, refering to a thin ceramic piece, generally square whose one of the faces is glazed and painted, is an identifying element of Portuguese culture, revealing some of its deepest matrix, as the dialog with other people, through European culture themes that mix with Arab and Indian ones; an irrefutable practical sense because they made a piece for interior spaces decoration from a traditional poor material; the preference of sensuality, shown by the coloured material, light reflector, and the images choices, more centred on the real description.

  • Tapestry and Embroideries

This tour was created to familiarize you with one of the most widespread art craft activities in Portugal. As you travel through the country, you will know the carpets of Arraiolos, hand made from the 16th century, in pure wool and whose renown goes beyond our boundaries. They were inspired by ancient Persian carpets compositions. In Portalegre, the tapestries are authentic creations, with a drawing extremely detailed, and built point by point. Then, in more little pieces, the embroideries are the most popular expressions of the thread art: see Madeira’s or Vila do Conde’s ones, or offer a lovers tissue from Viana do Castelo, very colourful and with a lover phrase embroidered, you will feel closer to your lover.

And so many more…

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